While tipping is not mandatory in most states in the US, some people may be inclined to ask, do people in NYC tip in restaurants more than average? Ideally it’s particularly very hard to give a clear-cut answer to this question, but because New York City is among the most busiest and crowded cities immersed with a great mass of foreign customers from all walks of life – sure, there’s a greater chance that people in NYC tip in restaurants more than average than within any other major city in the US. And in general, the average tip most people in New York leave in restaurants range between 15% – 20% of the total meal cost.


Thus, because of New York’s potential wealth of foreign customers, many restaurants within the city normally charge mandatory gratuities (tips), which are most of the time disclosed on the menu prior to being served. Particularly in the occasion where a large group of between 6- 8 or more people are being served, more than likely will you find mandatory tips being frequently asked. As far as mandatory tipping is concerned, you may also add more to the ‘mandatory tip’ if such a restaurant’s customer service has impressed you dearly. Simply don’t feel confined to the specific tip you’ve been asked to pay, but rather add something extra on the given tip because of the exemplary service you’ve experienced from such a restaurant.

Above all tips often serve as major source of compensation, particularly for wait staff and other New York service providers. And because many employers normally pay employees lower wages, such tips provide a significant portion of such an employee’s income.

On the other hand, customers should realize they are not being forced or obliged to pay more – all tips are simply provided in good faith. In non-tipping countries, such tips are simply amounted into the price of food (which is similar to cheating customers by the way). Although, a big advantage to tipping is the ability for someone to tip whatever is appropriate firsthand without fear of being conned.

Here are some pretty generous tippers. Check them out!

As such, if the service from the restaurant you’re enjoying a meal is great, please leave an honest tip. It will signal to the restaurant’s owner and managing staff that their service is way superb and you’ll be glad to visit with some more friends next time!